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ACCE Annual Convention 2019

How Chambers Can Attract the Next Generation of Talent

What: ACCE Annual Convention

When: Monday, July 15 | 2 p.m.

Where:  Promenade 202A Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center

Presenter: Rebecca Gehman, Director of Talent Attraction


  • Sybil Topel, VP Marketing and Communications, Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce
  • Michael S. Neal, President & Chief Executive Officer, Tulsa Regional Chambe
  • John Joseph IV, Executive Director at Decatur-Morgan County Entrepreneurial Center
Written By

Rebecca Gehman

Rebecca Gehman is an Account Manager in DCI’s Economic Development division. Since joining DCI in 2012, Rebecca has played a pivotal role in content creation, media relations and marketing strategy work for clients across the globe.

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