National Plan For Vacation Day: How DCI Spent Our Paid-Time Off in 2018

January 29, 2019

Whether it’s a trip to a mega-city like London or Hong Kong, or a beach vacation to the Caribbean, undoubtedly, vacations are an integral part of maintaining work-life satisfaction. However, despite the undisputed benefits of taking vacation, such as proven higher productivity and lower stress levels, only slightly more than half, or 58 percent of Americans take all of their vacation, and only one in three Canadians use all of their earned vacation time. As an initiative to reclaim our lost vacation time, the US Travel Association created National Plan for Vacation Day, celebrated this year on January 29, 2019, to encourage employees to plan their vacation days ahead of time, and establish the intent to take time-off, travel and reclaim their hard-earned paid time off.

At Development Counsellors International, not only do we encourage our staff to take their earned leave, we celebrate them for doing so! With flight giveaways, ‘plan for vacation’ parties and passport/ TSA Pre-Check incentives, we are proud to honor our commitment to living out our values, including pursuing happiness and embracing a passion for places — two key principles that are at the heart of everything we accomplish as a company. Interested in exploring how we lived out these values last year? Scroll down to see all the places this past year took us, and how even off the clock, we embraced our passion for travel:


Andy Levine, Tullylin, Ireland

national plan for vacation day andy in ireland
























Ally Carlson, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

national plan for vacation day ally in puerto vallarta




















Tania Kedikian, Isla Catalina, Dominican Republic






















Kelcie Guns, London, England




















Priya Sharma, Ensenada, Mexico

























Hannah Khan, Cinque Terre, Italy

























Aaron Jones, Shanghai, China

























Kaitlin Lapka, Schwangau, Germany















Emily Ewing, Pacific Coast Highway, California























Jillian Downing, Pere Lachaise Cemetery,  Paris, France



























Kayla Leska, Chefchaouen, Morocco


























Stella Tsitsipatis, Cape Town, South Africa























Raul Cavazos, Copenhagen, Denmark























Stevie Carey, Petra, Jordan























Emma Perez, Banff National Park, Canada



























Silvia Dominizi, Puglia, Italy












Janelle McKinsey, Honolulu, Hawaii  















Pamela Pereira, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

































Brianna Vetrano, Osaka, Japan





























Sierra Baldwin, Indian Peaks, Colorado, USA























Susan Brake, Crested Butte, Colorado, USA





















Laurel Gann, Nice, France

















Luther Mosher, San Rafael Swell, Utah, USA


























Kiara Concepcion, Kerið, Iceland
















We want to see your travel pictures, too! Send us a tweet at @aboutdci to share your favorite vacation moments of 2018, or tell us about how you’re spending National Plan For Vacation Day! 

Written by Hannah Khan

As a social media maven who loves to travel, Hannah uses her experience with social media and content curation to work on all things digital for DCI's tourism practice. Get in touch with Hannah by sending her an email at

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