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Networking 101: How Canadian PR Pros Can Take Advantage of Industry Events

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Breakfast meetings, happy hours, industry-expert panels, there is no limit to the variety of networking events offered on a daily basis. Regardless of whether you are new to the industry or are a seasoned vet with 15-plus years’ experience, attending networking events is key to personal and professional success. Here are the top three reasons why networking is important for Canadian PR professionals:

  1. Build Relationships: The people you meet could one day become your boss, colleague, friend or reference when seeking a new job. Meet as many as possible to build your contact list and position yourself as top of mind when opportunities arise.
  2. Gain Industry Insights: Most networking events include an information session to educate guests on what is new and exciting for the company. Whether it be destination updates, market trends/research or best practices from recent campaigns, these insights are a great way to increase your knowledge and advance your own projects.
  3. Have Fun: Networking events are a great way to take a break from the office and celebrate shared successes with the industry. Take a moment to share what you love about your career while enjoying what is sure to be delicious food and drinks!

For those in Canada, there are many travel organizations that offer networking opportunities throughout the year for Canadian PR professionals in the tourism industry. Here are three with chapters throughout the country:

Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC): Nearly 400 members make up TMAC, bringing together Canadian writers, influencers, photographers, and travel industry representatives. Each year, TMAC offers a travel and tourism conference for its members to exchange ideas, showcase their destinations and meet one-on-one through scheduled networking appointments. In addition to this annual conference that changes its host destination each year, the organization has chapters in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Atlantic Canada, who hold local events and professional development sessions throughout the year.

Travel Massive: With more than 46,000 members in 158 chapters globally, Travel Massive is the world’s largest tourism industry community. Networking opportunities include evening happy hours and events, typically hosted by a local travel company or tourism board, as well as professional development workshops. These events are designed to build relationships in the industry and assist in facilitating work opportunities for bloggers, journalists and travel-focused influencers. There are currently 2,420 Canadian members of Travel Massive across its chapters in Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver.

Young Travel Professionals (YTP): Created in 2011, YTP was the brainchild of two travel professionals who recognized a gap in the tourism industry for its younger demographic. Beginning with a small expert group in New York, YTP launched its platform to focus on career development, networking and industry opportunities for anyone who considered themselves a young professional. The organization has now grown to thousands of members globally and even incorporates a mentorship program for those interested in learning more about the industry. There are currently 667 Canadian members of YTP in its chapters in Toronto and Vancouver, both of which hold networking events throughout the year, proving it to be a great place for Canadian PR professionals to connect.

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