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The Road to 2023 – Rethinking Travel Public Relations

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The earned media landscape is evolving at a much faster pace than ever before. Editorial teams are consolidating across national lines, staff positions are on the decline while freelance contributions are on the rise, and print titles are being superseded by their digital counterparts. This evolution got DCI’s PR strategists thinking: What changes must we make in our communications approach to deliver the best results for our travel public relations clients in the future?

In order to develop communications programs that engage consumers and drive visitation, we realized that we must first answer the question, “What will the media landscape look like in five years?”

So, over the course of six weeks, we conducted interviews with media specialists, futurists, digital marketers and travel journalists to document the consumer trends that will influence our public relations work.

travel public relations professionalOver the next several weeks, we’ll profile the findings of these interviews to demonstrate how destination PR pros can arm ourselves with the right tools to be on top in the year 2023.

“Every brand should have an Alexa in its office and ask the questions: How will this affect my business, and how can I create content to live on this platform?”

Sree Srenivasan, leading digital media consultant, Columbia University professor and former chief digital officer of New York City.


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