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Lights, Camera, Action: Television Provides Variety of Opportunities for DMOs

Broadcast Opportunities for DMOs

Television Opportunities for DMOs

Want to reach a broad range of travelers and inspire them to visit your destination? Then tune into television! These days, the reach of TV extends well beyond the initial broadcast on the boob tube itself. DMOs can continue to socialize broadcast coverage on their owned social media platforms for as long as the content is available and relevant. This leveraging of the television networks’ and the shows’ brand awareness can achieve lasting results beyond the initial immediate boost in visibility and engagement.

However, television is most definitely pay-to-play these days, as both networks and local affiliate stations struggle to compensate for declining ad revenues. The line between earned and owned media is blurred more than ever, leaving PR and ad teams at DMOs with a big question: How can my destinations achieve desirable broadcast coverage?

Below are some of the different types of broadcast opportunities currently available to travel destinations, along with sample shows and insights into what’s needed to successfully secure coverage.

National Talk Show or News Program
Sample Outlets: Ellen DeGeneres Show, Entertainment Tonight, Good Morning America, Rachael Ray Show, The Real, TODAY, Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
Coverage Opportunities: In-destinations shoots; Culinary talent with previous on-air experience (and clips available online) to pitch as a feature guest/lifestyle guest; Local (in-media market) stunts; Audience giveaways
Costs Paid by DMO: Hosting fees; Product/Brand Integration fees (ranges based on network and audience reach); No cost; Giveaways in bulk – typically at least 200.

Satellite Media Tours
Sample Outlets: Local morning news shows and major network affiliates in top 25 U.S. media markets
Coverage Opportunities: A local or paid personality who can relay your destination’s speaking points confidently.
Costs Paid by DMO: $20,000 – $40,000

Travel Show/Dedicated Episodes
Sample Outlets: Andiamo!, Beyond Your Backyard, Places to Love, Travel Detective, Travel Therapy, Travelscope, Uptown, Weekend Explorer
Coverage Opportunities: Broader destination highlights, attractions, iconic monuments, must-see experiences, specialty restaurants and eateries.
Costs Paid by DMO: Production costs (typically starts around $30,000) and or in-kind costs to host crew in destination and film

Destination For Filming Locations/Reality TV
Sample Outlets:
Amazing Race, The Bachelor, Better Late Than Never, Love & Hip Hop, Real Housewives
Coverage Opportunities:
Showcase film-friendly establishments in the destination, beautiful landscape shots, distinctive and eye-catching spots to set up shots.
Costs Paid by DMO:
Production cost to host crew and cast, hotel blocks and assist with city permitting

Travel Experts & TV Personalities
Sample Outlets:
Emily Kaufman, Tammy Levent, Karen Schaler
Coverage Opportunities:
Each personality has their own beat and angle, including family, luxury, and adventure/outdoor. Partner with a personality who can enhance your destination’s brand.
Costs Paid by DMO:
Cost ranges based on tier of broadcast placement PLUS cost of hosting

At almost any budget, the many options give your destinations the opportunity to benefit from broadcast’s undeniable appeal. Have a story of how you’ve made broadcast work for you? Please share it with us at @aboutdci, and we’ll see you on TV!

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Janelle McKinsey

Janelle is the Account Director in the DCI Los Angeles office. With a background in media relations, she enjoys story telling and is fortunate enough to do so within the exciting world of travel.

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