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New Insights on a Familiar Trend – Elevating your Startup Story to the National Level


As we kick off 2018, we wanted to share new insights around a familiar trend that will continue to build momentum in the year ahead and for many more years to come– telling the story of your startup community to a national audience.

From large, metropolitan cities to small, rural towns communities across the country are increasingly focused on not only elevating but also distinguishing their local startup story at the national level. With so many locations competing for attention, here are a few ways DCI has found success in helping clients break through the clutter and catch the attention of reporters.

1) Show Reporters the Money

While the vast majority of venture capital money continues to go to companies in California and the coasts, reporters are looking for communities that buck this trend and have the numbers to prove it.
Pointing to a significant concentration of home-grown angel and venture investors, and fast-growing startups closing on multi-million dollar or higher rounds of funding are two great ways to catch the attention of media. Check out how Utah did just that with this New York Times story:

New York Times- As ‘Unicorns’ Emerge, Utah Makes a Case for Tech Entrepreneurs

2) Swipe Right on Technology

From dating to banking, technology is constantly changing the way we do business and live our lives. While your community may not be home to the next Uber, yet; you can still tap into this ever-popular trend by showing how local technological breakthroughs are transforming traditional industries such as health care or financial services, or pointing to technologies being applied to improve services for citizens and visitors, aka becoming a “smart city.” Read how LA’s entrepreneurial scene is tapping into the city’s biggest industries:

Inc- Why Startup Culture Is Heating Up in Los Angeles

3) Incubator Programs and Support for Entrepreneurs

To attract and retain entrepreneurs, and the reporters who like to write about them, show off the innovative programs and unique assistance offered in your community, such as university-based entrepreneurial programs, engagement and support from local corporations and established industry leaders, and unique incubator or accelerator programs. See how this program’s unique incubator model caught the eye of Tech Crunch:

Tech Crunch-  Founder Gym aims to help underrepresented startup founders build tech startups

4) Unique, Surprising Startup Communities

Reporters never want to hear that your community is the ‘Silicon Valley of ___.’ Instead, tell them what’s unique about your startup ecosystem or the surprising story of how it came to be. And remember, everyone loves a Cinderella story so don’t be shy about highlighting the role startups played in reinventing your community or jumpstarting its once declining economy – which is what happened to this former New Hampshire mill town featured in Ozy:

Ozy- Can Made-to-Order Organs Revive this Former Mill Town?

5) Diversity and Inclusiveness

A great way to distinguish your startup story is to highlight its diversity, and your community’s efforts to build an inclusive ecosystem and empower disadvantaged innovators.  Read how Miami is embracing its diversity as a key to the success of the area’s tech ecosystem:

Inc- New VC in Residence Program Showcases Miami’s Growing Interest in Entrepreneurship

How have you helped your community’s startup story gain national traction? Let us know or send us a tweet at @aboutdci, or get in touch to learn more about our national media relations services.

Written By

Caitlin Teare

After nearly five years of working as a political communicator in the United States Congress, Caitlin joined DCI’s economic development team in the fall of 2015. Her experience working in strategic communications in both the public and private sectors, coupled with a background in economic development policies and initiatives, allow Caitlin to provide her clients with unique insight on the media landscape and creative approaches to the development and implementation of integrated public relations campaigns. Caitlin holds a bachelor’s degree from Creighton University and a master’s degree from American University.

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