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How to Pitch: Powder Matt, Canadian Outdoor Adventure and Travel Writer

Matt Mosteller, Powder Matt

One year, while his friends were busy getting jobs and settling down, a young Matt Mosteller spent 63 days living in his car so he could ski every day. He’s still seeking outdoor adventure daily and his stories can be seen regularly in the Calgary Herald, Vancouver Sun, Montreal Gazette, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Vancouver Sun, Explore Magazine and many others. His first book, described by The Calgary Herald as “a kind of handbook for living life to the fullest,” The Adventurer’s Guide to Living a Happy Life offers 63 daily meditations to help you broaden your horizons and achieve the ‘goosebump’ moments in life (sleeping in the car is optional). Mosteller is a crusader, constantly trying to find ways to fight childhood obesity and to get people outside to experience the benefits of nature!

We chatted with this adventure seeker to get insight on best practices of how to pitch Powder Matt. Feel free to tweet at him @powdermatt or follow him on Instagram @PowderMatt to see what adventure he is on now!

What elements influence whether or not you read a PR pitch?

Will it be outside? Does it include Adventure options? Is it from a region/place that I think would be cool to experience?

When a publicist pitches you a travel-related story idea, what three things should she or he consider before contacting you?

  1. Inspiration – Does the opportunity offer a way to inspire?
  2. Transformation – To me it is so important that what I write about has the opportunity to provide value to the reader and primarily through some outdoor activity /adventure.
  3. Does it make sense for my audience? – It needs to be authentic and fit outlets I like to write for.

What is your pet peeve when being pitched and/or working with PR professionals?

I love being pitched. Don’t limit added value; create opportunities for additional content creation – instead of heading back too early from a perfect sunset spot, build that in so I can capture for social media and share more about raw and special moments.

What type of story ideas pique the interest of your readers?

Places to go for adventure, outdoor and active travel. They want to know not only the details on where to stay, what to do, but also want gear insight so they can really optimize the experience – for example, the proper outerwear when skiing a destination that is known for heavier and wetter snow, since not just any jacket will work in this situation.

Should PR professionals be incorporating social media-ready content in their pitches for you? What role does social media play in sourcing story ideas for you?

This is vital in everything I do. It does not matter if the outlet takes it or not; I want to make sure to provide as much background, experience and details through social to my audience. Social provides a huge role in also inspiring trip ideas/story ideas for me – you can scroll through Instagram as example and find many cool options.

What has been your favorite place to travel for a work or personal trip, and where are you most looking forward to visiting next?

British Columbia: rugged and wild and filled with passionate people from coast to mountains.

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Janelle is the Account Director in the DCI Los Angeles office. With a background in media relations, she enjoys story telling and is fortunate enough to do so within the exciting world of travel.

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