Happy 10th Birthday Hashtag, Love #Tourism and #EconDev

August 23, 2017

Social media mavens, rejoice! Today is the 10th anniversary of the #hashtag! Since its inception a decade ago, the hashtag has become an invaluable social media tool used to streamline a conversation, bring together ideas, spread breaking news and fortify brand identity.

The hashtag has become a revolutionary tool in digital marketing, and has been used in digital marketing campaigns around the world from brands like Coca-Cola, with the campaign #ShareACoke to IcelandAir with the campaign #MyStopOver, the hashtag has undoubtedly permeated the way both consumers and marketers use social media. But did you know the hashtag was not originally intended for use as a marketing tool?

On August 23, 2007, the idea of the hashtag was proposed to Twitter executives as a way to group related tweets, similar to a search function.

Chris Messina, the founder of the hashtag, publicly unleashed his idea on Twitter 10 years ago.

Now, in 2017, 125 million hashtags are tweeted every day, on average.

To commemorate a decade of the hashtag, here are some of our favorite #econdev and #tourism hashtags:











Learn more about the humble beginnings of the hashtag, and how brands have turned it into a lucrative marketing tool from AdWeek’s latest article.

Want to wish the hashtag a happy birthday? Be sure to use the hashtag #hashtag10 to join in the digital birthday festivities.

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Written by Hannah Khan

As a social media maven who loves to travel, Hannah uses her experience with social media and content curation to work on all things digital for DCI's tourism practice. Get in touch with Hannah by sending her an email at hannah.khan@aboutdci.com

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