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From Research to Reality: 5 Ways to Take your Talent Attraction Strategy Online

According to DCI research Talent Wars: What People Look for in Jobs and Locations, today’s competition for talent is fierce. Cities, states and nations must work harder than ever to attract and retain the best and brightest workforces. In order to market to potential talent, many economic development organizations are launching talent attraction websites, which can serve as a critical tool for modern job seekers.

As the need for talent attraction marketing continues to grow, DCI has uncovered five tips for talent attraction websites, with tangible examples of how to incorporate them.

Create a unique brand


Since economic development websites are traditionally intended for business audiences, it’s strategic to develop a unique brand that speaks to talent.

Take for example, We Don’t Coast, a highly creative talent attraction initiative launched by the Greater Omaha Chamber. Playing off the city’s landlocked location, this energetic brand is showcased through a logo, tagline, social media channels and a standalone website, which includes complementary copy on why it’s great to live and work in Omaha. The website even allows users to buy We Don’t Coast swag, which further strengthens their brand and creates local pride for existing Omaha talent.

Showcase authentic spokespeople



Talent attraction research shows that job seekers utilize word-of-mouth recommendations and Internet research to form their impressions about a community. That’s why showcasing genuine testimonials of current talent on your website can help bolster positive impressions for job seekers.

The Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation and Colorado Investment Services Coalition’s is a great example of how to highlight existing talent. The website features authentic in-depth profiles of current Colorado talent directly on the homepage. The profiles also use fresh photography and fun anecdotes which help bring the stories to life and make them enticing examples for potential talent.

Provide cost of living information



Since the majority of talent considers cost of living information like healthcare and housing expenses when deciding to relocate, it’s critical to feature this information on your website.

In 2017, the Dallas Regional Chamber understood this when they revealed a new talent attraction website called The website features an easy-to-use cost of living calculator that’s simple, effective and with only three clicks, will show job seekers exactly how much less their expenses will cost, from groceries to transportation and more.

Connect talent with employers


When considering whether or not to relocate, research shows that talent will usually consider moving for a specific job over a specific location. That’s why it’s critical for talent attraction websites to connect job seekers to local employers, either through job search tools or at the very least, promoting the various employers in your community.

For example, the Metro Atlanta Chamber’s succeeds in this effort by offering a job search tool directly on its homepage. The feature allows talent to search for jobs and internships by industry, company or title. Top Atlanta companies even have their own unique pages to showcase current openings and promote their employee benefits.

Don’t be afraid to think “outside of the box”

In an excellent example of creative thinking, Live And Work In Maine features a unique “Visit for a Week, Stay for a Lifetime” campaign, which encourages potential talent to take a one week vacation in Maine. A person’s trip will be reimbursed if they decide to relocate for a new job with a participating employer after experiencing the state as a vacation destination.

Based on talent attraction research, this campaign is a smart move. Data proves that few people will move to a new location without visiting and experiencing it first-hand. In fact, 76 percent of job seekers use personal experience to decide if a community is a fit.  Well played, Maine.

For more insights on talent attraction marketing, download Talent Wars: What People Look for in Jobs and Locations.

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Kaitlin Lapka

Kaitlin Lapka is an Account Executive at DCI. Since joining DCI in 2016, she has worked for places of all sizes, from country to county, including the Netherlands, Texas, New Hampshire, Auckland, New Zealand and Dutchess County, New York.

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