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New Report: Executives’ Perceptions of Canada’s Business Climate


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What do corporate executives really think of our neighbor to the north as a business location? For the second time, we surveyed U.S. business executives and site selectors to uncover their candid thoughts of Canada’s business climate and while the results were similar to those uncovered in 2013, there were also a few surprises.

The good news for Canadian EDOs is that corporate executives are considering Canada more frequently than in the past, and they report that this is largely due to its quality workforce and strong and stable economic and political climate. Given the uncertainty introduced around the U.S. policy on immigration, these perceptions are only likely to improve in the near future. Not surprisingly, Canada is also seen as a natural gateway for initial international expansion opportunities due to its language and cultural similarities.

Download “Executives’ Perceptions of Canada’s Business Climate: A View from the Lower 48” here.

When asked an open-ended question on what the executives believe are the top associations with Canada, “cold” is top of mind. But from a business perspective, Canada is hot right now among executives looking for their next international location. By updating this research, we’re continuing to provide Canadian economic development organizations with informed intelligence on how to market their cities and provinces as a top choice for expansion and relocation opportunities from the lower 48 states.

Dive into the comprehensive report to understand more than common perceptions, and take a deeper look at attitudes and opinions on Canada’s frequently considered provinces and cities for new projects, most well-known regions for economic development, preferred marketing strategies for U.S. executives and more.

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Robyn Domber

Robyn is DCI’s Vice President of Research. In this role, she spearheads all of the firm’s primary and secondary research efforts, including surveys, focus groups, data analysis and result compilation. She joined DCI with 15 years of experience in the site selection and economic development consulting field.

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