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Podcast Series Examines Deals from the EDO’s and Company’s Perspectives

This blog post was originally posted by IEDC and penned by Eli Dile

The Project PodcastToo often when a major economic development deal is announced, you hear only stock phrases from elected officials or the company’s PR rep on why the location was chosen. This is certainly not true of “The Project: Inside Corporate Location Decisions,” a new podcast series from economic development marketing firm Development Counsellors International. In each episode, “The Project” walks through a single corporate location deal from both the perspective of the economic developer and the company involved, each sharing their insights on how they worked through challenges to make the project happen.

Episode one focuses on a central New Jersey technology company that outgrew its space and found a new home not far away, in a former Bell Works laboratory which had sat vacant for years. The company is confident its new location will bolster its ability to attract the millennial talent it seeks.

Episode two tells the story of how Toledo, Ohio’s investment in a spec building paid off big when a supplier to Jeep chose it as the location for its new manufacturing plant (which happens to be the same site where the very first Jeeps were built in the 1940s).

Episode three is a case study in how cities outside of Silicon Valley can compete for growing tech companies. CAEK, a young, women-owned software company chose Reno, Nevada, over bigger hubs such as Austin or Salt Lake City because of the VIP treatment delivered by the local economic development organization.

A new episode of “The Project” comes out every two weeks.



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