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Four Digital Dos for DMOs: Social Media Updates You Need to Know

Digital influencers are always on the lookout for the next big thing. And that means that travel marketers and DMOs who work with digital influencers need to stay current with the latest changes in the constantly evolving social media universe.

Sometimes the next big thing can actually be quite small, such as a new contact button or an icon that identifies your account as an authentic source of information about your destination. Sometimes it’s a better way to generate leads, or perhaps a truer method to measure your social media return. Check out some recent updates by four tried-and-true social media platforms you’re probably already using.

Instagram_App_Large_May2016_200Invite Contact on Instagram

Instagram’s new “Contact” button gives users a way to connect directly with your destination by call, text, or email without exiting the app. An Instagrammer who’s blown away by a stunning photo from your destination, for example, can simply tap the button to ask for more information about the attraction or dash off a request for a visitors’ guide. Chattanooga CVB reports positive results from this Instagram update.

Untitled design (8)Consider a Verified Account on Twitter

While Twitter has long offered “verified” accounts, which help establish authenticity and provide access to additional features, until recently it was impossible to apply for one—you just had to hope Twitter selected you for the distinction. A recent update gives all active users the option to apply for a verified account. DMOs need to have a company phone number, email address, and website, and document their mission and relevance in the field.

Generate More Leads on Facebook

Of course you’re on Facebook. And you’re probably using video — Facebook’s algorithm favors video content, and video posts have a greater organic reach than photo posts. But are you using Facebook Live? Facebook Live lets DMOs broadcast live videos from their mobile device straight to their Facebook news feed. You might promote an event in your destination by showing the setup live, for example.

Untitled design (10)Measure Success on Snapchat

Follower count is great, but what’s most important in any social media platform is how well you’re able to engage with followers. One way to measure success on Snapchat content (and help it live longer than 24 hours) is to share screenshots on other social media and archive Snapchat stories on video networks such as Vimeo and YouTube. Focus on engagement metrics like time watched and clickthroughs. Views are just the tip of the iceberg.


Are there other lessons you’ve learned while forging partnerships between your DMO and digital influencers? Let us know on Twitter @aboutDCI!

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Daniella Middleton

Daniella Middleton is a Senior Vice President in the Tourism Practice, leading strategy and directing digital marketing strategies, influencer marketing partnerships, and MICE / business events marketing and sales.

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