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Getting “Ink” Today: A Focus on the Top Business News Outlets in Print

The American Marketing Association  has found that, while print circulations are in decline and have been for a while, the readers that are the most engaged are those that are sticking with it, making this audience one of the most attentive on the market today. Many people in older, influential age demographics are proudly still reading print, as well, making it a wonderful place to reach high-powered audiences today. There is a lot to be said for a story that is printed; editors can publish any story online, as there is limitless space, but printed publications tend to have a limited number of pages, so only the most important, thoughtful stories receive ink. That said, here are our top 5 print business publications that deserve your efforts when pitching your next big economic development story.


Forbes Magazine, which reports on business, personal finance, tech, and lifestyle, has 36 international print editions which make for a culturally diverse audience. This magazine has an average monthly audience of 6.8 million readers; 1.8 million of those being C-level executives, business owners or business decision makers. With such a diverse and influential audience, all wrapped into the Forbes name, this print magazine is clearly a valuable top-tier business outlet. An important note, the content in their print issues is produced solely by their full-time staff writers and editors – not contributors – so make sure you know what type of Forbes writer you are working with in order to consider whether the story would see physical print.

The Wall Street Journal

Producing both a print newspaper and a print magazine makes The Wall Street Journal another great outlet choice. The newspaper circulation in the United States in 2016 is more than 1.32 million daily, and the international audience accounts for more than 100,000 additional copies printed each day. While the monthly magazine has fewer readers (68,500), it adds great value to the publication’s breadth of coverage, and is typically a great place to find the deeper, more insightful stories often required for telling economic development stories. The Wall Street Journal has consistently ranked as the most influential outlet among C-suite executives and site selectors surveyed through DCI’s “Winning Strategies” surveys, and it’s easy to see why.

Top Business News Publicaitons

The Economist

The Economist is considered to be one of the most trusted news outlets; as voted on by both liberals and conservatives. While anybody can access the website, the content is limited unless you’re a subscriber, thus helping to maintain the high relevancy of its printed issue. When this magazine was founded in 1843, it had a weekly circulation of 1,969 people. Now, this long-lasting publication has a global circulation of more than 1.2 million copies each week and 3.8 million readers total, one of whom happens to be Bill Gates.


While it appears The Economist has a little over three readers per copy, Entrepreneur Magazine claims 4.89 readers per copy – making this publication especially compelling for our pitching. Given today’s entrepreneurial economy, we see this as an important business outlet to pitch, with half of the audience considering themselves entrepreneurs – people well on the path to the decision-maker role for the future.  Additionally, with 74.1% of this magazine’s readers considering launching a new or additional business in the next 12 months, they are a natural fit for learning about the economic development opportunities offered by various places.

The New York Times

If you want your story to be read by the President of the United States, The New York Times is the outlet to pitch. President Obama reads this paper, and so does Warren Buffett, which isn’t surprising, as this is the most widely recognized outlet on our list. The New York Times was founded only eight years after The Economist, and boasts a unique readership of 56%/44% male/female split. Its daily circulation is nearly 1.4 million, with just a few thousand less on Sundays. Its T Magazine, published 14 times per year, also analyzes the cultural moment we find ourselves in, setting the tone for significant conversation embraced by its influential readers – perfect targets for our economic development talent attraction campaigns so top-of-mind right now.

Which print outlets do you prefer most? Any that you would add to this list? Let us know in a comment below or tweet us @aboutdci

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