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Four Digital Dos for DMOs: Working with Influencers

As more destinations incorporate digital influencers into their strategy and campaigns grow larger, the influencer industry is becoming increasingly nuanced. While the digital marketer’s handbook is constantly being rewritten, we’ve compiled a few crucial pieces of information for travel marketers planning to work with influencers in the near future.

Before your DMO begins its next digital influencer campaign, don’t neglect to consider these four key points:

Forget the Typical Timeline

Traditional media publications nearly always adhere to preset editorial calendars that determine when stories are due, what topics will be covered and when content will run. As independent content creators, digital influencers are not restricted to standard timelines for researching and producing content. This means campaigns may be planned several months in advance or just a few days before they begin. While individual preferences vary, DMOs should approach influencers early to confirm their interest and availability as soon as possible.

Listen to What the Audience Wants

Blogs and social media outlets allow content creators to receive immediate, unfiltered feedback from their audiences. This gives influencers an intimate knowledge of their followers’ likes, dislikes and preferred content topics. Ultimately, DMOs can tap into this close awareness of audiences’ preferences in order to provide content that will resonate with consumers, drive engagement and create a compelling case for your destination in the minds of target audience members.

Stand up for Your Brand

Increasingly, digital influencers expect monetary compensation for their work with DMOs and other brands. When you agree to a paid marketing partnership with an influencer, you should have input regarding the amount and type of content being produced. Don’t be afraid to use a written contract to ensure your expectations and agreed-upon payment are communicated clearly – in fact, written agreements often make both parties more comfortable.

Always Ask “What Else?”

Digital influencers tend to have a knack for creativity. They want to help your destination brand explore new possibilities and “outside the box” solutions for reaching new audiences. Don’t be afraid to inquire about additional capabilities an influencer can provide or what their ideal collaboration with a DMO looks like. Their offbeat campaign idea could be the perfect opportunity for your destination to try something new in the world of digital marketing.

Are there other lessons you’ve learned while forging partnerships between your DMO and digital influencers? Let us know on Twitter @aboutDCI!

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