This Just In: Corporate Movement Shifts Love to the Worker, Should we be Worried?

July 20, 2016



In our economic development marketing and public relations work, we have seen a strong focus on the recruitment of a talented workforce in the last few years. While clearly a focus at the community level, Monday’s story in The Atlantic, “Why American Companies Suddenly Love Workers,” got our attention because this wave is now happening within the corporate environment as well.

According to the article, the labor market is tightening, and companies like Starbucks, Target and J.P. Morgan Chase, are all moving to pay their workers more in order to keep them in this new “worker-first” world order. The #Fight for 15 movement, for instance, has gained strong momentum across the country, and city by city, state by state, we might see some of the highest wages our nation has ever seen very soon.

As this fight for talent takes hold within the civic realm, the corporate realm and everywhere in between, this article helps identify the macroeconomics behind the issue and how this year’s political race might even be affecting the war for talent. Read the full story here.

Written by Nicole Marshall

Nicole Marshall is an Account Manager at DCI. Since joining the staff in January of 2015 she’s concentrated in proactive media relations as a means to deliver economic development messages for clients such as Denver, Cincinnati, Louisville, KY, the State of North Dakota and more.

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