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Northern Colorado Launches Cutting-Edge Website

Overview: As a new economic development organization, the Northern Colorado Economic Alliance (NCEA) needed to create a website that showcased the region’s business and quality of life assets to business decision makers and prospective talent.

NCEA partnered with DCI to create a best-in-class economic development website that highlights Northern Colorado’s diverse economy, industries, communities and unique attributes. Visit to see for yourself.

Launch Date: April 2016

Budget: $84,000

Five Things DCI Loves About It:

Why Northern Colorado Landing Page


Why Northern Colorado Landing Page

Why Northern Colorado Landing Page: This ultra-interactive page encompasses many of Northern Colorado’s outstanding rankings, key facts, and unique selling points – all in one place. As users scroll down the page, the content and design keep them engaged with clever headlines, surprising facts and a variety of fun and engaging animation. The page is linked to the content management system – making it easy for NCEA to keep numbers and rankings fresh.


Northern Colorado Website Navigation

Easy Navigation: From any page on the website, the user can click on the navigation icon in the top right corner to view the site map. Users can intuitively expand the main landing pages to see additional sub-pages – effectively revealing the full sitemap in an easy-to-digest format. It is also easy to navigate to key areas of the site from the homepage, which uses parallax scrolling and highlights Northern Colorado’s location, unique value proposition, rankings, key industries and more.


Northern Colorado website mobile experience

Built Backwards from the Mobile Experience: looks great on a desktop, but it truly shines on mobile devices. That is because this site was built backwards from the responsive mobile experience. Research shows that mobile viewing habits have continually increased to become the majority of online traffic. Navigating the site is just as easy on a mobile device, and various tabs make viewing large amounts of content on a small device seamless.


Northern Colorado Website Communities Landing Page

Community Pages: To showcase Northern Colorado’s many cities and towns, the communities landing page includes a new Google Map API, which allows the site to actually plot its communities and content atop the map, and links to each individual community page. Each community page contains information such as rankings, demographics, major industries/employers, transportation, colleges and universities, and quality of life.


Northern Colorado Website

The URL: is not only simple, intuitive and easy to remember, it is the most ideal when it comes to search engine optimization.


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Rachel Deloffre

Rachel Deloffre is an Account Director at DCI. Since joining the company in 2011, she has carried out strategic media relations and marketing campaigns for clients ranging from the country of Colombia, to the city of Calgary, Alberta, to the Port of Long Beach. She has also assisted in executing a talent attraction campaign for the Research Triangle region of North Carolina.

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