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Digital Dos for DMOs

Staying sharp on digital media trends can be challenging. As social and digital content evolves, new strategies for driving engagement and consumer interest continue to emerge. Here are four things digital directors at DMOs should be doing this quarter.

Refine the Way You Work with Digital Influencers

Wondering how to find influencers, confirm they reach the right audience, and introduce yourself successfully in order to establish the perfect partnership? Eight quick tips from Simply Measured address these issues and more.

Give GIFs a Chance on Your Social Streams

Playful or professional, GIFs are a powerful storytelling tool and have been shown to increase social engagement. They can also add life to otherwise static emails, since embedding video in emails is generally not recommended. If you need more reasons to consider GIFs in your marketing efforts, OneSpot has four.

Advance Your Video Production Capabilities

Video content is a crucial tool for modern marketers, but not all clips are created equal. The wild success of short, sound-optional videos has been advanced by digital news outlets such as BuzzFeed and Now This News. DMOs that can fuse their destination’s visual appeal with this method of content presentation will strike success.

Build a Massive Instagram Following

What makes your destination different than the rest? Is this unique appeal evident on your DMO’s social channels? If not, take time to re-evaluate the type of content you’re producing. Here are the guidelines that destination marketers should keep in mind when creating content for Instagram.

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