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How New Technologies Can Bring New Life to DMO Events

For event organizers, one of the biggest challenges facing the industry is keeping events fresh, unique and innovative. This is evident as technology continues to advance and play a more immersive role, with developing products providing new opportunities to bring destinations to life in the eyes of guests.

Join us in staying up to date on two rapidly developing technologies, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, and considering their possibilities for destination marketers planning events.

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Virtual Reality:

While Virtual Reality technology has been around for some time, its presence has been increasing tremendously within the events sphere, especially as companies such as Facebook and Google have made investments within the past year. Google has the budget friendly Cardboard VR Viewer which can convert large format smartphones into immersive virtual reality goggles. The cardboard goggle space also presents an opportunity for event branding or can act an as an additional space for sponsorship.  Furthermore, creating a virtual reality to tease a place’s highlights leaves guests wanting more, presenting a whole new world of possibilities to destination marketers.

google cardboard

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Augmented Reality:

We all recall the infamous Tupac hologram at Coachella in 2012 – in no small part due to its impact on social media. It was the Top 10 Tweet for three weeks running, garnered 15 million YouTube views in the first 48 hours and was the subject of 17 million search results on Google. As Augmented Reality’s technology has improved over the years, holograms are frequently being used to create an impact at events. These holographic displays use cutting edge technology to combine physical objects with 3D imagery.

Microsoft’s Hololens, newly available this year, is the first fully untethered holographic computer, enabling high definition holograms to integrate with your world. Hololens can transform the ways we connect, create, collaborate and explore by going beyond the screen and bringing ideas to life. The ways in which technology like Hololens can be incorporated into an event are just being discovered.


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