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Three Ways DMOs Can Motivate Consumers with Digital Content


Last month, we attended a seminar titled “2016 Digital Marketing Trends: The Future of Omni-Channel Marketing,” hosted by the Public Relations Society of America‘s New York Chapter. While the presentation catered to many sectors within the industry, several points stood out as especially relevant to destination marketers.

Below we recap three key takeaways, complemented by our insights on digital marketing trends that DMOs shouldn’t miss, each summed up by a quote from featured speaker Joe DiNardo.

1. Produce tailored content optimized for each online platform

Key Takeaway: Audience demographics vary across social platforms, from teens dominating Snapchat’s consumer base to parents who are increasingly engaged on Facebook. Investing the time to produce and deliver targeted content in the correct locations will maximize opportunities for deep, meaningful engagement with consumers.

Why DMOs Need to Know: Your DMO’s audience demographics likely vary across social networks. Identify what is important to viewers on each platform and commit to showcasing attractions in your destination that will cater to those travelers.

“There’s nothing worse as a consumer than seeing a piece of content where it doesn’t belong.”

2. Continue seeking the right influencer partnerships

Key Takeaway: Influential online personalities are able to capture the attention of consumers with similar interests, but those who stray from their brand to turn a profit will likely produce a disengaged audience. Regardless of promised reach, it may be wise to pass on an opportunity if an influencer is quick to mention money and loses interest when it comes to identifying a match in messaging.

Why DMOs Need to Know: DMO collaborations with digital influencers are on the rise. Partnerships with influential content creators can produce big wins, but it would be ill-advised to work with someone who isn’t truly focused on sharing your destination’s experiences with a relevant audience. Learn more about the rise of digital influencers and tips for working with them here.

“If you don’t have meaningful value to add for the end user, then everybody loses.”

3. Adapt a storytelling mindset in producing content

Key Takeaway: In an age saturated by content, consumers have learned to seek out messages they can connect with on a human level. This shift is so prevalent, Google search algorithms now prioritize content that appears to be written with readers (not buzzwords) in mind. In short, story-focused content has extensive value and marketers must “adapt or die” in learning to produce it.

Why DMOs Need to Know: New experiences and captivating stories are undoubtedly part of the thrill consumers often feel while traveling. Find visitors who are enthralled with your destination and develop content that allows them to share on their personal accounts. It’s an ideal chance to deliver authentic stories and dazzle audiences.

“Users are demanding a more meaningful engagement experience.”

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