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Making a Difference at Work and Beyond: Living DCI’s Values Out Loud

DCI staff from across the U.S. and Canada gathered in New York City last week for DCI’s annual company retreat. In addition to reflecting on the past year, gearing up for 2016 and meeting with counterparts throughout the company, we took some time to discuss the core values that are the foundation for DCI’s shining work and people. Here are some tips and tricks that our staffers shared for living out the DCI values.

DCI Staff Values Panel

Be a Knowledge Sponge

We pride ourselves on being a group of experts in economic development and tourism marketing. DCI staffers are naturally curious, which helps better us and our clients. Making learning a priority is one way to ensure that the wheels never stop turning. Whether it’s staying on top of county elections, or knowing the most fascinating podcasts, we believe the more we know, the more interesting relationships we can cultivate.

Account Manager Nicole Marshall suggests learning the “jargon” and interests of your clients, practicing creative problem solving and taking advantage of morning routines to squeeze in some quality NPR listening time.

Keep Promises

Between client deliverables and teamwork objectives, it’s easy to lose track of time or workload in agency life. However, we know the importance of dependability, delivering and following through with care and attention to detail in the work we do. So how does one remain dependable with demanding priorities?

Account Director Judy Lee suggests setting reasonable expectations and remembering that little promises are just as important as big ones. Being honest about deadlines ensures everyone is on the same page, while simple things like quickly returning an email can go a long way in establishing trust and credibility.

DCI Staff Values Panel

Embrace a Passion for Places

Having a passion for places at DCI doesn’t simply mean that we love to travel, which of course of we do, but it also means that we’re champions for our clients’ communities and care about building stronger economies. This deeper understanding of what it means to be part of a community is important on both the economic development and tourism sides of our practice. Having a natural curiosity for places and cultures make it easier for us to appreciate the impact of the work that DCI does – and keeps us motivated to continue doing superior work in the future.

When Director Naureen Kazi is not jet-setting around the world, she suggests exploring new cuisines, reading books set in new destinations and committing to exploring your city from a tourist’s perspective.

Share Your Talents

DCI prides itself on recruiting brilliant thinkers with a diverse set of talents and interests. Encouraging team members to share their scope of knowledge cultivates an environment in which collaboration, thought leadership and mentorship can thrive.

Vice President Daniella Middleton points out that people have additional strengths outside of their role, so cross-collaboration and brainstorming are important ways to think outside-the-box. Getting to know what your team members are curious about will help you understand their talents. Daniella also noted that sharing your talents doesn’t always include what’s laid out in a company manual or work plan. Sharing experiences about company culture or volunteer opportunities are also ways to share your wealth of knowledge to help your team succeed.

Pursue Happiness

Life is a constant balancing act, but being mindful about your level of happiness, at work and beyond, can make our busy lives a little easier. DCI encourages seeking out happiness as a way to create healthy, positive lives and maintain work satisfaction.

Known for her sunny disposition, Account Manager Rachel Deloffre recommends taking mental breaks and encourages her team to do the same. She also suggests seeking out activities that fuel passion and provide a sense of fulfillment. This can include volunteering for a new project at work or committing to a fun extracurricular activity. For Rachel, adult gymnastics fuels her happiness beyond work. Trying new things and seeking out adventure will ensure you continually fill up your happiness bucket.

Which DCI values resonate most with you? We’d love to hear your feedback in a comment below!

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Karleen Lewis

Karleen joined DCI’s digital team and Economic Development Division in 2015. As a Account Manager and self-described “digital detective,” she lends support to DCI’s digital marketing as well has contributed to client digital projects for Colorado Springs, Northern Colorado and the State of Colorado.

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