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Four Digital Dos for DMOs

The new year has arrived, accompanied by a slew of new strategies and information for marketing professionals. We have four can’t-miss recommendations for DMOs looking to bring their digital efforts to new levels in 2016.

Supercharge meetings and events with Slack

Have you downloaded this high-powered messaging app yet? Slack first gained acclaim as a way for businesses to streamline their communications processes. After the 2015 XOXO Festival in Portland, tech writer Casey Newton said he saw Slack “remaking the conference experience in more ways than [he] could count.” Learn more about Slack’s capabilities and how it can be used to draw groups of attendees to your destination’s top attractions.

Understand how to share “snackable” content

Attention spans are shrinking and social media’s power is growing – no surprises here. But are these statements truly guiding the way you produce content? This infographic provides a series of statistics on how young consumers interact with social posts. It highlights the particular power of several specific content areas that are highly relevant to DMOs, including holiday celebrations, major athletic events and notable restaurants.

Optimize your blog for maximum readership

A more in-depth companion to social media, blog content is the perfect way for your DMO to further engage travelers and provide the detailed information they need. Follow these six steps, such as ensuring you’re producing the right content, increasing your blog’s visual appeal and refining the subscription process, in order to attract and retain new readers this year. (You can also learn more about DCI’s blog design and content capabilities here.)

Commit to creating high-quality video

Digitalist Magazine offers 17 staggering statistics in an effort to prove this will be the year of video. Fortunately, destination marketers have an abundance of visual content to work with in producing engaging video content. If your DMO hasn’t invested in producing high-quality video marketing materials yet, make an effort to add it to the 2016 work plan.

What other items are on your list of digital must-dos in 2016? Let us know on Twitter @aboutDCI!

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