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“The Yuccie Traveler” – A New DMO Target for 2016

23381007_m (1)Earlier this year, Mashable coined a new term for the “evolved Hipster” – “The Yuccie.” Part hipster, part creative, part yuppie, this rising sub-demographic within the ever-growing Gen Y/Millennial market is anticipated to gain prominence in 2016.

What can destinations do to court this growing demographic? Here are some of our tips:

Promote new luxury boutique hotel developments
The Yuccie possesses enormous privilege and has the disposable income to enjoy fine accommodation experiences. However, they want to stay in hotels that are as unique as they are and support local business. Individual boutique property experiences trump well-known luxury accommodation brands.

Highlight markets selling locally-made goods
Yuccies’ creative abilities and status as “boutique entrepreneurs” equates to an appreciation of locally-made, high-style products – no matter what the cost. Flea markets, street fairs and bazaars within destinations are the Yuccies’ new age mall.

Spotlight small business entrepreneurs
The Yuccie has chosen an alternative career path. They prefer to run their own creative enterprises that fulfill their desire to bring their own ideas into reality. Identify local entrepreneurs within your own destination who you can promote to Yuccies.

Showcase neighborhoods on the rise
Revitalized locales within your destination are a hotbed for the Yuccie. Does your destination have a neighborhood that was once a wasteland of abandoned warehouses and factories but now a center for galleries and cultural spaces? Is there a street that is becoming a hotbed for designer pop-up stores and cafes? Check out these neighborhoods listed by Mashable for guidance.

Publicize your destination’s restaurant scene
Marketwatch reported that 43% of every dollar that millennials spend on food is spent outside their home. It is fair to say the Yuccie is greatly contributing to that statistic. Spotlight your “only-in-your-destination” restaurants that serve local produce, artisanal food products, craft brews and distilled liquors.

Engage digitally
Yuccies live online. Ensure your destination’s website has responsive design on all screen types, particularly smart phones. Make sure content is easily accessible from the homepage. Instagram was identified by Mashable as a preferred social channel of choice – to reach the Yuccie on social media, prioritize your Instagram strategy.

What is your destination doing to attract “The Yuccie” traveler?  Leave a comment to share your thoughts.

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