Top Advertising Exec Concedes: “The War is Over…PR Won”

November 4, 2015

Crispin, Porter and Bogusky (or CP+B) is a powerhouse in the advertising world.  Clients include Burger King, BMW, Coke Zero, American Express and Microsoft.  The firm has been named agency of the year 13 times in key trade press.

So needless to say, it was a surprise to me (and no doubt many marketing executives) when CP+B Chairman Chuck Porter declared at an industry conference that the not-so-secret war between advertising and public relations is over. And, yes, PR won.


If effective marketing is important to you and your organization, the AdWeek article about Mr. Porter’s presentation is well worth a read.

Written by Andy Levine

Andy Levine is Chairman of DCI. Since joining DCI in 1991, he has worked with a broad range of places from “A” (Alabama, Asheville, Australia) to “W” (Wales, Wichita Falls, Wyoming).

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