Dive In: Four New Research Studies DMOs Need To Review

November 9, 2015

As the end of the year draws near, its time for destination marketing organizations (DMOs) to plan for the future. We’ve rounded up four of the latest tourism studies that provide key insights which will help answer the following questions:

  • Why should DMOs be targeting Baby Boomers?
  • Why does the cruise traveler matter to destinations?
  • Where are travelers headed this holiday season?
  • How do we solve the anti-vacation epidemic?

US News & World Report, Travel Pulse, Sojern and Skift help answer these questions and more. Click through the summaries below for key takeaways and links to these studies.

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Why Baby Boomers are Making Travel a Priority
AARP surveyed 800+ travelers ages 50 and up to determine what motivates them to travel. The top motivators: relaxation and creating lasting memories with family and loved ones.
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How Cruising Benefits Destinations and The U.S. Economy
Increased investment in the American cruising industry resulted in an 11% increase in U.S. cruise passengers, and a $46 billion contribution from the global cruising industry to the American economy. That’s generating 300,000+ jobs paying more than 19 billion in wages and salaries. Global demand for cruising has increased by 68% in the last decade! Those DMOs investing in their ports and wooing pre/post cruise vacationers are reaping the rewards of this marketing investment.
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Where are Travelers Headed this Holiday Season?
Sojern analyzed travel behaviors worldwide in five regions - Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, and North America – to determine regional predictions for holiday travel in Q4. The top 5 searched North American destinations include New York City, Chicago, Miami, Dallas and Los Angeles. Surprisingly, SOLO travel continues to dominate this holiday season. Guess that goes to show there’s someplace better than home for the holidays these days.
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Why are Americans Traveling Less?
Despite unprecedented access to education, Americans still haven’t learned their lesson. Americans are working harder and playing less. Expanding on research conducted over the past year on travel habits of Americans, Skift dives deeper on why 62% of Americans chose NOT to use their vacation time. The results were nearly split with Americans stating they can’t afford a vacation or were too busy for a vacation. When they do take the leap, Americans are headed to Alaska (via cruise), Orlando, Maui, New York City, and Las Vegas.

Robyn Domber

Written by Robyn Domber

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