What We’re Reading: Defining Your Brand in Place Marketing

October 5, 2015

“In today’s content-rich world, messaging and imagery can blend in to looking all the same, generic to the category, or not compelling enough to drive action [beyond] “It’s on the bucket list” for some day.”

– Andrew Fraser, Tourism New Zealand

In the September issue of Branding Magazine, Chuck Kent speaks with Deana Ivey, Chief Marketing Officer of Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp, Juan Carlos Belloso, Managing Director of the Place Branding Association and Andrew Fraser, Director of Marketing of Tourism New Zealand on the impact of strategic branding in marketing your destination.

We rounded up a few key takeaways:

1. Involve stakeholders in branding strategy.

2. Define your brand position and focus on clearly communicating that message.

3. Engage citizens and stakeholders in the brand to create brand ambassadors.

4. Develop creative and engaging digital and social content that speaks to the traveler experience.


Has your DMO embraced these best practices? Read the full report here and tweet us your thoughts @AboutDCI.


Laura Cyrille

Written by Laura Cyrille

Laura Cyrille works in DCI’s Tourism Practice on traditional and digital marketing campaigns for travel destinations around the globe. Prior to joining DCI, Laura provided digital and marketing support to the Los Cabos Tourism Board.

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