How to Drive the Most Impact with Your Press Release

December 9, 2014

34064070_mAs economic development professionals, we identify and promote a community’s leading economic opportunities and achievements. At the heart of it, we are storytellers and one of our most valuable tools is as important today as it was when it was first used more than 100 years ago. The press release has evolved over the past decade and is a vital tool to help raise awareness about your economic development achievements, announcements and expansions. As technology continues to evolve so should a press release, shifting from a dry text-heavy document to a rich media promoting your news to reach new audiences. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have your news more widely viewed and shared. Find out how you can leverage the modern press release to reach investors, site selectors, corporate executives and other economic development professionals.

Consider these four tactics the next time you distribute a press release to help amplify the reach of your news.

1. Humans are Visual Creatures – Text-only press releases are quickly becoming a thing of the past, as readers are increasingly more receptive to visuals and multimedia graphics. Bring your release to life by embedding multimedia directly within the release, such as photos, videos, audio or infographics. Not only is it more visually enticing but it helps reinforce your message and increases the likelihood of social sharing. Press releases that include an image or a video get shared three times more than text-only press releases and viewers spend up to 30 seconds more time with this content.

2. Keep the Information Flowing– Often readers will want to find out more information and it is important to use meaningful hyperlinks in a press release to direct your audiences to additional relevant content. Use hyperlinks to drive readers to your website, blog posts or event your social media channels where they can continue to engage with your content.    

3.Pick Quality Keywords – You can expand the reach of your release by including keywords that make it easy for site selectors, corporate executives and economic development professionals to find your release via search engines. Brainstorm a list of relevant keywords and phrases and then cross-check these terms using Google AdWords to determine monthly search volume and suggestions for other related keywords.  Be sure to select a few powerful words rather than inundating your release with keywords.  Opt for quality over quantity.

4. Spread the Word with Social Media – Use social media to amplify the reach of your news release. Consider promoting your news via your social media channels. Tweets and posts that contain quick tidbits of key information from your press release should link back to the release or drive traffic to your website. You can also break the press release up into tweetable chunks of information. Readers are far more likely to share news if they can quickly and easily copy and paste nuggets of information to their social channels.   Not only is the press release here to stay, but its lifespan has been prolonged. The Internet and social media have allowed the traditional release to evolve and thrive in an increasingly online world.  Incorporating some of the tools above can help your economic development organization spread your message and reach new audiences.

Written by Anisha Padamshi

Anisha Padamshi is Resource Analyst at DCI. Since joining DCI in May 2014, she has worked with clients including Columbus 2020, the Northwest Arkansas Council and the Thailand Board of Investment.

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