Louisiana’s Cupid-Like Campaign Plays Matchmaker Between Companies and Job Seekers

November 24, 2014

Louisiana is playing matchmaker. The state has created a campaign that revolves around allowing people to fall in love with their jobs and aims to connect job seekers with positions throughout the state. Louisiana Job Connection is a free portal that uses a special algorithm that helps pair candidates with jobs that are a good match and connect participating employers with the right talent.

In addition to Louisiana Job Connection, the state recently launched the “Come Home, Louisiana” campaign, which touts statewide assets and jobs available, and also funnels users to the Louisiana Job Connection site.

The state is targeting workers in a variety of fields and occupations, and is also targeting Louisiana expats and people with an affinity for the state of Louisiana.

DCI spoke with Lori Melancon, senior director of marketing and communications for Louisiana Economic Development, to learn more.

Launch Date: Louisiana Job Connection launched June 13, 2014 for employers and Aug. 18, 2014 for job seekers and the Come Home, Louisiana campaign launched in October of 2014

Budget: Louisiana is spending $2.4 million in 2014 to promote the campaign and the Louisiana Job Connection

What DCI loves about the campaign:

Louisiana Job Connection Site, Economic Development

Creating matches made in heaven – er, Louisiana: 

Though still in the early stages, 15,000 job seekers have registered on Louisiana Job Connection, and 1,000 Louisiana employers have posted jobs. Louisiana Economic Development did its research and developed a site that caters to both job seekers and employers, making the job search and talent recruitment process as simple as possible. Leaders of the efforts learned that most job seekers use 14 websites to find a job, so the state set out to make the process less burdensome for potential talent. The system’s unique algorithm studies what talent is looking for and scours job listings, cutting through clutter and identifying only the most relevant opportunities for job seekers, based on their preferences. Then, the system delivers an at-a-glance listing of percentage-based matches. The system does the same for companies – all in an effort to save companies and job seekers time.

Louisiana job connection landing page

Measuring effectiveness by going straight to the source, and getting feedback from users: 

Similarly to what dating sites do, when users close an account, they’re asked why. Louisiana is aiming to determine if users found jobs through the Louisiana Job Connection or through someone else. An on-site function also allows users to give feedback by phone or through an e-ticket help desk system. Louisiana is also doing satisfaction surveys with employers.

Louisiana Economic Development Facebook, talent attraction

Sharing the best company “pick-up” lines we’ve ever heard: 

Louisiana Job Connection’s Facebook page already has 80,000 “likes.” Louisiana Economic Development created fun campaign elements, using the hashtag #joblove and  hilarious company-seeking-hot-talent pick-up lines, such as “Without u and me, there is no resume.”, “I seem to have lost my resume. Can I have yours?”, “You’re so attractive on paper.” and “’Twas a match made in algorithms.”

Come Home Louisiana Talent Attraction campaign

“Come Home, Louisiana” offers talent economic opportunities in a place they love: 

Louisiana is using social media to promote the new campaign, and also relying on Louisiana natives to encourage loved ones to “Come Home,” and take a closer look at the variety of job opportunities that are available. The campaign includes a variety of video vignettes that feature comeback stories of people who have once left the state, but have returned for excellent job opportunities. The videos provide an up-close look into the lives of these individuals, and tout Louisiana’s unique special events – such as Mardi Gras – the culture, the food, the lifestyle and other things that people miss when they leave the state.

Sarah Reinecke

Written by Sarah Reinecke

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