Ranking: Top State Websites for Site Selection Services

September 26, 2014

As economic developers continuously look for ways to up their game when it comes to improving their website, one question we’re often asked: Which economic development websites are the best?

According to a recent study conducted by consulting firm, Sigala Inc., the Indiana Economic Development Corporation is the first place you should look. The California-based firm conducted a research project to compile a state ranking of the best economic development site selection website services. Here are the top 10:

Economic Development Website ranking by state - Sigala report


A quick word on the methodology behind the ranking. Four essential elements of a successful online site selection program were identified and ranked on a scale of 1-25. These elements include:

  • Lead Generation – Initiatives to drive traffic back to the site, including search engine optimization, social media and other factors
  • Community Search – Availability of information required in the location screening process: demographics, labor force, access to transportation, logistical advantages, cost-related factors, presence of business competitors, etc.
  • Property Search – Offering a variety of property search variables, customized search tools, up-to-date property availability and dynamic mapping.
  • Location Analysis – Available, detailed and customizable data for analyzing the business viability of a specific location within a city.

To view the full ranking and detailed methodology, you can view the report here.

Do you agree or disagree with this ranking? And if you know of other economic development websites that are particularly well done – whether it be a city, state, region or country – please share below!

Written by Jordan Robinson

Jordan Robinson is an Account Director in the Economic Development division at DCI. Since joining the company, she has managed strategic media relations and marketing campaigns for both domestic and international clients including Charleston, Puerto Rico, Thailand and Scotland.

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  • Stacie Dastoor says:

    Those are great sites. I’d also encourage you to check out Regional Economic Development Initiative (REDI) Cincinnati’s site REDICincinnati.com. The website was just redone in June and is impressive with information and tools.

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