How to Pitch your City’s Entrepreneurship Story

September 16, 2014

Three Quick Tips for Placing your Startup Story in the National Media

startup office entrpreneur Entrepreneurship is one of the hottest topics in today’s media landscape. Every city, state, incubator, chamber of commerce and economic development organization is gathering their top leaders to figure out how to breed a healthy small business environment and help push their outstanding entrepreneurs to the next level.

Places like Denver-Boulder, Colo., Charlotte, N.C., Cincinnati, Ohio and Houston, Texas, are succeeding in their efforts. These places are making coveted “top 10” lists. Entrepreneurs and talent alike are flocking to their urban cores to make it big in business and just as importantly, have fun while they do it. Their economies and businesses are growing rapidly and the nation is watching.

“How do they do it,” you ask?

As we pitch DCI clients, our media relations teams are always looking for new angles and unique ways for journalists to cover entrepreneurship, innovation and high-growth startups. While being innovative with our approach is our secret sauce, we wanted to share a few major themes in coverage that always prevail, the publications you must be pitching and the reporters who should have YOU on speed dial.

Whether you are pitching a startup in your community, how your city or region has a growing entrepreneurial environment or a serial entrepreneur’s stellar advice, there are a few steps that will help you place one of those frame-worthy media hits. Below are a few quick tips to keep in mind.

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1. Know the viral stories and be overly familiar with the content that entrepreneurs want to read.
2. Follow and participate with these print and digital media outlets. Marinate on their content and get those relatable pitches cookin.’

3. Get to know these reporters and make sure that YOU are on THEIR speed-dial.

Happy pitching!

Written by Brooke Carrillo

Brooke is a Senior Account Executive at DCI. Since joining DCI in 2010, she has worked with a diverse set of national clients such as Metro Denver, Louisville, Charlotte, North Dakota and Montreal.

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