The Wall Street Journal Looks at the Dark Side of Reshoring

June 27, 2014

Stanley Furniture employees Robbinsville, N.C., factory

Shawn Poynter for The Wall Street Journal

Tim Aeppel is one of my favorite reporters at The Wall Street Journal and his story on the reshoring trend is a gem that every economic developer should read.

“Bringing Jobs Back to the U.S. is a Bruising Task” takes a close look at two mid-sized companies, Stanley Furniture and Chesapeake Bay Candle, which have recently reopened manufacturing plants in the United States. The road has been filled with challenges, including shortages of skilled workers, regulatory difficulties and an unwillingness of consumers to pay more for the “Made in the USA” label. In the end, one company shut down its new $10 million plant. The other is making a go of it.

Amidst all the excitement about reshoring, this story is a cautionary tale for small and mid-sized manufacturers.

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Written by Andy Levine

Andy Levine is Chairman of DCI. Since joining DCI in 1991, he has worked with a broad range of places from “A” (Alabama, Asheville, Australia) to “W” (Wales, Wichita Falls, Wyoming).

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