The ABCs of Travel Marketing

June 18, 2014

Ready to soak up the sun this summer? See the latest trends in travel marketing. From gamification to fun filters to Prezi presentations to unexpected experiences—DCI spells it out one letter at a time. Download the full PDF here. Snapshot

  • Augmented Reality and Apps
  • Back to basics, don’t forget the essentials travelers often look for, helpful maps, authentic pictures and inspiring video
  • Culinary trips and foodie tourism
  • Digital is king – mobile friendly sites, clear navigation, ease of website use, viewable travel resources and engaging social media
  • Engage not only your target consumers, but internal team, stakeholders and civic leaders on key decisions and successes
  • Filters. Pick the best filter on Facebook or Instagram to showcase your destination
  • Gamification
  • High season is an opportunity to harness the buzz, capturing video, social engagement and the excitement in your destination
  • Influencers. Let digital influencers help tell your story as a powerful third-party endorsement
  • Jobs are a crucial part of what makes your job as a travel marketer so important. Never forget the importance of what you do for so many others
  • Killer content. Content marketing is king right now
  • Live like a local. AirB&B and other travel sites let travelers live like a local
  • Mobile marketing
  • Notable bloggers. Reach out to influencers for press trips or sponsored content
  • Online ads. Banner ads still have a good ROI and low overall cost
  • Prezi. Make sure your marketing materials come to life with a Presi video and presentation
  • Quick responses. If you’re on social media, consumers expect a response in 1-2 hours to questions and complaints
  • Research is key. Research and audit your offerings, the competition’s and develop smart strategies based on your findings
  • Social media (Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare)
  • Training and professional development are important in an ever-changing world of media, technology and best practices in tourism
  • Unexpected experiences. Surprising facts or activities in your region
  • Voice. Real and authentic voice for digital. Consumers expect a more personal, informal voice
  • Website. Keep your website current with helpful content and pictures
  • Xi, X…People love numbered lists. Top 10 lists always perform well.
  • You. Selfies are hot right now. How can you encourage people to take photos in your destination?
  • Zealousness about your destination or place drives great ideas and helps convey a sense of passion about why you are distinct

Written by Genevieve Pritchard

Genevieve is the Digital and Social Media Manager for DCI. As a content marketing extraordinaire she helps set the digital strategy for DCI, create marketing collateral and implement tactics across multiple platforms. She’s also worked on digital campaigns for DCI’s tourism clients including US Travel Association, Visit, Finger Lakes Wine Country and Visit California.

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