Seven Tips For Surviving A Press Trip & Staying Healthy On The Road

June 11, 2014

Not too long ago I was fortunate enough to escort a culinary press trip. The itinerary read like every foodie’s dream – degustation dinners, engaging cooking demonstrations and distillery tours. I’m quite the health nut though and maintaining my regime is always a challenge when on the road, especially when escorting a culinary press trip!

So here are seven of my personal tips for maintaining healthy eating and fitness habits while escorting a press trip:

cocktail resize1. Nurse Your Drink:
 As PR professional, we should all learn the art of nursing an alcoholic beverage (two max). It allows you to stay professional and reduces your calorie intake. Choose a lower calorie alcoholic beverage such as a glass of red wine or my favorite, a vodka, lime and soda.

jog resize2. Make Time to Work Out: Sorry peeps. I know this is a hard one but it is a must! It may mean waking up 60 minutes earlier after a late night, or not using that afternoon break in the itinerary to catch up on emails or take a quick nap. Clocking 30 – 40 minutes of a high intensity workout each day while traveling keeps you trim.

water resize3. Drink Water: Stay hydrated. The rule, “two liters a day” is a good one to follow. Why not provide branded reusable water bottles for press trip attendees and allow water stops throughout the itinerary? But remember–you may also need extra restroom stops as well. 😉

egg2 resize4. Include Active Experiences & Various Meal Types in Itinerary: Sure, a culinary press trip needs to incorporate your destination’s key dining experiences, but balance out multiple course dinners with simple lunches and light breakfasts. Incorporate a walking dine too.

naked burger resize5. Choose Healthy Eating OptionsIf there is an option to dine al-a-carte, choose a salad with dressing on the side versus the burger and chips (or ask for a naked burger, no bun). Skip the appetizer which is often filled with sodium (i.e. soups) and carbs. Say “no” to fried foods and pick grilled.

tuna3 resize6. Eat in ModerationIf you are at a food festival, don’t eat five of those delicious chocolate mousse cups with chocolate coated bacon.  Don’t ask for seconds at meals. If possible, order a healthy appetizer (like tuna tartar) and main course, with no dessert. Most importantly, lose the bread basket!

supplement resize7. Carb Blockers (CB) and Tonalin CLAI’ve never been one to just “pop a pill,” but these two supplements really work. Take CBs 30-min before a high starch meal; carbs bond to the white kidney bean to prevent the body from storing fat. CLA is a fatty acid that supports a reduction in body fat. Take one after each main meal.

What are your tips to eat well and maintain healthy exercise habits while escorting press trips? Let me know and leave a comment below.

Written by Malcolm Griffiths

Malcolm is Vice President in Development Counsellors International’s Tourism Practice. Since joining DCI from Tourism Australia in 2003, he has developed creative marketing and public relations campaigns to communicate travel experiences for destinations spanning the globe, from California to Sweden, Miami to Tasmania.

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  • melina says:

    love the tips. yes, I totally understand trying to eat well while with a press group! In our business, there are so many amazing F&B opportunities, that eating healthy and drinking moderately can be a challege! nice problem to have, right? but I too am a health nut so I feel your pain and pleasure! keep up the good work with the blog. really enjoy it.

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