Preparing for the Shift: Hispanics are the Fastest Growing Demographic in America

November 12, 2013

Salsa has officially become the #1 condiment in America! With Hispanics making up nearly 25% of the population, America’s food tastes and demographics are changing. Tortillas now outsell burger and hot dog buns.How to market to fast growing demographic in tourism

To learn more about this emerging demographic, DCI invited Galina Espinoza—a renowned speaker on Latino demographics and past editor of Latina magazine—to speak at our PR/Marketing Division monthly team meeting.

Galina gave a deep dive into the Hispanic American market and how this shift will affect DMOs. We wanted to share some important insight that we learned:

  • 17% of the U.S. population is Hispanic
  • Hispanics will be the majority by 2050
  • Latino purchasing power is $1.3 trillion
  • In the past decade, the number of Hispanic households with an income of more than $75K have more than doubled
  • Nearly 60% travel at least once a year
  • $42 billion spent per year on airline travel—more than any other minority group
  • $785 spent per person per trip
  • 31% have at least four companions when they travel

How can DMOs capitalize on this demographic?
Travel is an important cultural aspect for Hispanics. Many still have relatives in South America, Central America or in Spain. As a demographic they visit family abroad and also travel domestically. Multi-generational travel is also prevalent. Family travel tends to include grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles—not just the traditional, immediate family of parents and their kids.

Some best practices you can consider NOW when marketing to this audience:

  1. Use Hispanic cultural references or colloquialisms in your marketing.
  2. Promote multi-generational activities and showcase how your destination is family-friendly.
  3. Advertise on platforms with high Hispanic reach such as mobile advertising or online ads paired with radio.
  4. Develop Spanish language marketing materials and consider the Hispanic audience you’re targeting, Spanish from Mexico is different than Spanish from Colombia.
  5. Roll out promotions that are relevant to Hispanic celebrations (i.e. Quinceañera, Los Reyes Magos (Three Kings), Dia de los Muertos or Hispanic Heritage Month)

Some companies who were successful in marketing to the Hispanic demographic include El Expreso Bus Company, Southwest Airlines and Walt Disney Resorts.

Naureen Kazi

Written by Naureen Kazi

A true citizen of the world, DCI Tourism Managing Director Naureen Kazi is originally Pakistani, was raised in Mexico City, has worked in Japan and travels on her American passport. She is fluent in five languages and cultures (perfecting number six), which allows her to design and implement public relations programs and travel trade marketing campaigns with global implications.

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  • Antonio Flores says:

    Marketing to Hispanics can be complex…
    A personal observation is the when you dine at a Mexican Restaurant, the music heard by patrons is mostly Salsa and Merengue.

    Also Mexican consumers strongly perfer to eat corn tortillas 4 to 1 over the flour tortillas that Anglos and other Hispanics order and eat with meals.

    Bottle softdrinks (Coca-Cola, Fanta and Pepsi) exports from Mexico are very popular in the USA, because they are made from sugar cane.

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