The Bright Side of Post-Holiday Blues For DMOs

October 16, 2013

You know the feeling. You’ve just returned from a relaxing holiday weekend.  You turn off your out-of-office, grab a cup of coffee, sort through your inbox… and start fantasizing about your next vacation.backpacker

According to new study released by metasearch engine Wego, you’re not alone.  Travelers throughout key international markets–including the Middle East, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia and India–are also looking to keep the festivities going, with a spike in flight searches in the weeks following major holidays.  For example, flight searches in Australia saw an increase of 40 percent in January, following the Christmas holidays, while searches increased by 42 percent in the Middle East in the two weeks following Eid.

The bright side of the post-holiday blues?  Destination marketing organizations are well-positioned to benefit from this purchasing pattern by launching co-op marketing partnerships with tour operators immediately following a holiday.

After major holidays and cultural events, potential visitors abroad are already searching for you–drive them your way with a co-op campaign designed to inspire their next vacation. Piggy-back on the investment made by Brand USA in key markets to ensure the strongest return on your investment. Launch an e-marketing campaign to travel agents to promote the package and a consumer-facing digital marketing campaign to extend the reach of your co-op marketing partnership. Then make sure your industry partners are ready to say G’Day, selamat or salam to your new visitors.

Kimberly Miller

Written by Kimberly Miller

Kimberly Miller is an Account Manager at DCI. Since joining DCI, Kim has worked with such destinations as Ecuador Ministry of Tourism, where she managed a nine-city North American travel trade roadshow.

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