How To Handle a Poor Ranking? Fight Back!

May 29, 2013

The Rockford Area CVB created ads promoting the region's attractions to combat a recent ranking in Forbes that the city was the 3rd most miserable in the nation.

The Rockford Area CVB created ads promoting the region’s attractions to combat a recent ranking in Forbes that the city was the 3rd most miserable in the nation.

Ranked low on that latest Best Cities index, did ya? You’re no doubt taking a pounding in the local press, so I don’t envy you. And your national reputation? Goodbyyyyye!

Of course, you do have one option: fight back. Sometimes the adversity thrust upon your community presents nothing more than an opportunity to stand out and make a statement. In fact, the national media love comeback stories, so a poor showing simply opens a door; it doesn’t shut it. Consider the following two instances in which cities took it on the chin, but punched back:

  • Rockford, IL: Named by Forbes as the third “most miserable city” in the U.S. this February for its high unemployment, declining manufacturing base and high property taxes, Rockford decided it wasn’t going to let the ranking get them down. Instead, the city’s Convention & Visitors Bureau developed an ad campaign with the theme, “Misery Loves Company.” The goal was to turn misery on its head, showcasing how “misery never smelled this fresh,” and “misery never made so many friends,” all the while highlighting the local farmers’ market and vibrant bar scene, to name a few examples. The ranking merely provided a platform for the city to promote creatively its finest assets.

Have any other cool examples of how cities or states have turned a negative ranking into a positive? Please share below.

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Written by Steve Duncan

Steve Duncan is Vice President of DCI’s lead generation division. Since 2004, Steve has managed marketing programs for a diverse set of city, state and country organizations, from Albuquerque and Houston to Tuscany and Wyoming.

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