Seeking Input on Corporate Executive Survey

May 19, 2011

Since 1996 DCI has conducted a continuing survey of 250+ corporate executives with site selection responsibilities to determine “the customer’s perspective” on best practices in economic development marketing.  We’re about to launch the 2011 version of the survey and the findings will be presented on Monday, September 19th at the IEDC Annual Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Click here to review a draft of the survey

We’d welcome your input on the survey design and especially any additional questions that we might add to the 2011 survey.

If you have specific suggestions, please share your best thinking with Andy Levine at by June 3rd.  Thanks in advance for taking the time to review this.  We hope to see you in Charlotte.

Written by Andy Levine

Andy Levine is Chairman of DCI. Since joining DCI in 1991, he has worked with a broad range of places from “A” (Alabama, Asheville, Australia) to “W” (Wales, Wichita Falls, Wyoming).

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  • Janis says:

    I would be most interested in the results of this survey. You have asked some good questions – we all want to know how companies think regarding the relocation/site selection process.

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