Meeting 14 Location Advisors in 24 Hours

March 28, 2011

DCI recently hosted “The Summit,” two roundtable discussions in New York and New Jersey that brought six of DCI’s client communities and 14 of America’s top location advisors face to face over the course of 24 hours.

A central question asked at each roundtable: Overall is the site selection business up or down? How is 2011 shaping up?

The Summit - DCI

Candidly, the responses were mixed. Consultants attending the New York session were generally upbeat, citing growth in financial services companies, more international companies entering the North American market and a decided uptick in consulting work.

The New Jersey roundtable was less positive, mentioning continued consolidation of existing facilities as well as more “do it ourselvers” (companies choosing to make location decisions without the benefit of a consultant).

The Summit - DCI

The second part of each event was quite fun – a “speed dating” session between the economic developers and the location advisors. Each economic developer quizzed individual location advisors on perceptions of their community in a series of five-minute exchanges.

The consultants’ responses were captured on Flip video cameras (each client had their own) so they could share the experience with staff and volunteers at home.

Written by Andy Levine

Andy Levine is Chairman of DCI. Since joining DCI in 1991, he has worked with a broad range of places from “A” (Alabama, Asheville, Australia) to “W” (Wales, Wichita Falls, Wyoming).

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