What Would Google Do?

November 19, 2010

DCI’s Andy Levine took part in an innovative discussion at the 2010 International Economic Development Council conference in Columbus, OH. The presentation was titled, “What Would Google Do?” and the concept was “rethinking economic development in the Internet age.”

By the start of the presentation hundreds had filled the room and it was standing room only. For those that may have opted out due to lack of space or not been at the conference, the slides for the presentation can be seen below.

Here’s a short video clip of Andy telling a story to the audience about what happened when he asked a lady from North Carolina if she ever Googled herself. The crowd thought her response was funny, maybe you will as well.

As the Internet continues to evolve it will become essential that economic development organizations use it to their advantage. When you get stuck… just ask yourself, “What would google do?”

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