About Kendra Walker


Kendra joined DCI in 2013 and has worked with a wide range of economic development clients – from her hometown roots in Metro Denver to Konza, Kenya. Kendra’s background in news journalism and knack for writing has carried over to her love of sharing the positive stories impacting cities, regions, states and countries.

Prior to DCI, Kendra worked as a communications intern for the Denver Art Museum and a reporting intern for the Longmont Times-Call newspaper. She graduated from the University of Colorado-Boulder with a degree in news editorial journalism.

Kendra’s Passion for Places

Kendra loves exploring new places with a hint of adventure. Whether rock climbing up limestone cliffs in Thailand or swinging off desert arches in Utah, Kendra uses any excuse to interact with her surrounding landscape while traveling. She developed the travel bug while studying abroad in Cork, Ireland and exploring many countries and cultures along the way. Kendra has also volunteered on several hurricane disaster relief trips, building a preschool in Belize and repairing damaged houses in the Bahamas. Whether for work, entertainment or to help others, Kendra is grateful her travel opportunities have exposed her to interesting people, unique cultures, gorgeous scenery, and maybe most importantly, incredible cuisine!

Notable Results

  • Kendra’s media relations efforts – including proactive pitching and management of press visits, media tours, digital campaigns and trade shows – have generated editorial coverage for clients in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg, USA Today, Entrepreneur, Popular Science, Huffington Post, among many other U.S. and international publications.
  • Kendra has led several client digital campaigns, including writing website content and blogs, managing digital ambassador campaigns, developing social media content, monitoring followers and engaging with media.
  • She also works to establish and influence economic development rankings/accolades for cities in national rankings, including Forbes, Fortune and USA Today.
  • Kendra works with site selection consultants to meet with clients and visit their regions, in addition to gathering their perceptions and feedback on how given regions affect their site selection client base.
Kendra Walker at play

Up Close

Though not originally from Colorado, Kendra considers herself an “honorary Colorado native.” Kendra enjoys staying active and outdoors with family and friends, taking advantage of Colorado’s four seasons and 300+ days of sunshine. A natural-born observer, Kendra loves singing and rock climbing (sometimes at the same time), learning new hobbies like ukulele and crochet, and curling up with a good book and a pint of coffee Häagen-Dazs ice cream.

Where You’ll Find Kendra on a Sunny Day

A nature-lover at heart, Kendra soaks up the Colorado sun any day she can, spending most of her days’ off adventuring in the backyard of her beloved Rocky Mountains. Whether rock climbing, training for marathons, camping or skiing, Kendra is more than happy to fit the stereotype of the granola-eating, flannel-wearing, tree-hugging Coloradoan that she is.

Places that Kendra Has Called Home

Colorado (Denver, Boulder, Centennial)

Cork, Ireland

Seattle, Washington

San Francisco, California

Fun Facts About Kendra

Kendra the Songbird: After hours, Kendra finds herself with a bit of an alter ego – the rock star. She sings in several bands in Metro Denver, including bluegrass band, the Wandering Natives. Kendra sang in an a cappella group at CU-Boulder and has performed in several musical productions, including the Sound of Music, The Music Man and Fiddler on the Roof.

Watch out Dr. Seuss: A quiet, shy bookworm when she was a little girl, Kendra dreamed of illustrating children’s books when she grew up. In a remarkable twist of fate, her childhood vision has become a reality as she has illustrated the artwork for two published children’s books: “The Loving Family Tree” and “A New Friend.”

Snow “Sherpa”: Kendra volunteers with SOS Outreach, a national youth development non-profit that works to engage at-risk teens with the outdoors. As a mentor (also known as a Sherpa), Kendra teaches the kids how to ski and snowboard and helps them learn to give back to their communities through various community service projects.