Claudia Zimmermann

Director of Economic Development
Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce
Mobile, Alabama

Claudia has worked with the Chamber since 2004, except for a brief stint as Director of European Business Development for the Alabama Development Office (ADO, now Alabama Department of Commerce). In her various roles at the Chamber, Claudia served as the local lead project manager for the ThyssenKrupp and Airbus projects, among others. Claudia is a native of Germany.

What’s the most overlooked issue facing economic development? Something that has been overlooked for the longest time but is starting to get more attention is primary and secondary education. Much of the educational focus and a lot of the funding (from legislators, educators and parents) have been going toward college degrees. But it’s also the skilled non-degreed, and oftentimes very highly paid, jobs that our children need to be made aware of.

What is your favorite place to travel for business? That’s a tough one. Probably Paris. Traveling to Paris every two years for the Paris Air Show is a treat for me. While it entails mostly lots of work, I try to squeeze in a little bit of sightseeing and fall in love with the city every time. Being from Germany, I also love to do business in German cities, especially Hamburg, Munich and Berlin. That allows me to tag on a few days of vacation to visit my parents in Saxony.

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